Weekly Tune #4: STAY by The Work Day Release

Greeting and happy Sunday! Todays song is by David from ‘The Work Day Release’. The song is called ‘Stay’.

A big thank you to Warren Huart from Produce Like a Pro and David from The work Day Release for making these great raw tracks available. It was an absolute treat to mix.

Band: The Work Day Release
Song: Stay

Mixed and mastered at Madcow Audio by Mark Lucia.
Tracks recorded and engineered by Warren Huart.

Weekly Tune #3: Black Knight Vengeance

I have been sifting through old work and doing a little remixing. So much fun looking back over the years and remembering all the good times in the basement studio. I was very fortunate to work with some really fun and talented musicians.

Here is a tune by the band Black Knight Vengeance circa 2008.

Weekly Tune #2: Mexican Standoff – Silent Drive (Re-mix 2019)

Hello and happy Sunday! I have been reminiscing lately and thinking of the bands of the past that I have worked with. You couldn’t ask for a bunch of nicer, down to earth guys than the band Silent Drive. It was a pleasure working with these guys.

This song called Mexican Standoff was put together from the band recording the instruments and vocals at different times and myself and the drummer Dave Joyal tracking drums. Dave lived near me in Vermont and the rest of the crew lived in Massachusetts.

Check it out!

“Mexican Standoff” by the band Silent Drive

Zach Jordan vocals, Nick Van Someren Guitar, Pete Chilton Bass, Dave Joyal drums

Equal Vision Records

Guitars, bass and vocals recorded by the band at different times.
Drums engineered and recorded by Mark Lucia and Dave Joyal 2007
Re-Mixed and ‘Enhanced for loudness’ by Mark Lucia at Madcow Audio 2019

Weekly tune #1

Hello, greetings and salutations! For the first of an ongoing series called ‘Weekly tune’ I will be posting a song every week which could be the original or possibly a remix. These ‘tunes’ will be a mix of the local bands I have worked with over the years and probably some of the bands I have been in. So…. let’s get going!

The first weekly tune was tracked back in 2012 by a band called Through The Illusion. The drummer, Ryan Lewis was the drummer of our band Rise To Fight back around 2007. The vocalist Sean Jarvis is a singer song writer and has been involved in the local music scene for many years.

I wanted to remix the song and reached out to Sean. He was down with it.

Fault Line by Through The Illusion. Check them out HERE